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8 Quick and Easy Bathroom Renovation Ideas

8 Bathroom Renovation Ideas
8 Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Renovating your bathroom doesn’t have to be difficult.  Like most things in life, it can be hard it you want it to be… or it can be easy if you let it.

There are tons of options out there, regardless of whether you decide to do your own bathroom renovations or you opt to pay a professional to do them for you.  What’s important is that you don’t overlook the quick and easy fixes that have just as much impact as bigger projects.

For example:

Adding new tile to the floor and/or walls – Small change, big results.  This is an easy way to modernize your bathroom with about 8 hours of labor.

Installing a glass shower enclosure – Again, a cheap and quick option that reaps big rewards.  A nifty sidbonus of enclosures is that they make your bathroom feel bigger. A major plus if your bathroom leaves one in want of more leg room.

Change up the lighting – Bathroom light fixtures play a bigger part than most realize.  They set the mood of the room, and can either make the bathroom feel bigger or smaller.  Make the bathroom light and bright; nothing screams small bath like shadows in the corners

Drop in a new bathtub – More of a true renovation project, replacing your tub with a newer design wins major brownie points in the equity department.  Jacuzzis are a huge value builder, and they’re just flat out great to have.  Especially if you have a significant other… or a stressful job.

Put in a new sink – Stone and metal sinks are growing in popularity faster than sunshine moves.  Your sink makes a definite statement on behalf of your bathroom; renovating this area is a fast way to change the entire look of the room.

About showers – As mentioned earlier, glass enclosures go a long way in making the bathroom feel bigger.  Updating the shower itself and changing out the decorative tiles gives the enclosure something worth showing off through those glass doors. Not a cheap thing to do, for sure… but worth it.

Towel Warmers – For a long time, I would warm up my towel in the dryer as I showered. There’s no feeling in the world like a warm towel.

These days, you can buy a towel warmer which is made specifically for what most of us used the dryer for.  They aren’t expensive (about $100 – $250) and they get guests excited.  Don’t be surprised when folks start asking to use your shower… even when they aren’t spending the night.

Faucet upgrade – This plays into the sink upgrade recommendation I mentioned earlier.  There are all kinds of cool faucets on the market these days, especially those released by B2 and Bath and Arts.  Match your faucet to the bathroom’s “mood”, and you’ll be a step closer to a winning renovation.

The sky really is the limit when it comes time to renovate or change your bathroom for the better.  Just be creative, and don’t be boxed into thinking you have to mortgage your big toe to get a project done.  Start with smaller things, and see if the change is enough.  Then, slowly start considering bigger projects.

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