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Are There Home Improvement Grants?

By Kate Ross

Most of these loans and grants are offered to those going through underprivileged situations. Thus, qualification will depend on the needs of the applicant rather than on credit or income variables. These loans and grants are awarded by governments or non profit private institutions.

Actually, most of these financial products are offered only to those families with low income and with credit difficulties. If you can access a regular home improvement loan, chances are that you will not be approved for one of these.

Homes In Need Of Repair

If the property needs urgent repairs to keep it habitable and the occupants are a very low income family, there are home repair loans and home repair grants offered for renovations. These loans and grants are provided by the state or community governments and qualification will be determined by specialists that will ponder the needs and income of the families to select the neediest ones.

The uses are varied but always imply urgent or necessary expenses like fixing pipes, repair leaks on roofs or walls, eliminating gas, fire or electricity hazards, adding pipes for potable water, adding a bathroom if there is none present, garbage disposal, etc. All these repairs or improvements will be either paid by the agency or government in full or financed in several payments with little or no interest.

Accessibility Funds for People with Disabilities and Senior Citizens

People with disabilities can get funds for making the necessary adjustments to the property in order to provide comfort and accessibility. For instance, someone who needs to move with the aid of a wheelchair can request funds to construct a front door ramp or internal ramps. Even the funds to install an elevator in a property that does not have one can be provided by government agencies or private non profit institutions.

Of course, the requirements to get approval for these funds are very strict. You will need to provide all the documentation to show proof of the disability and also the lack of a suitable income to afford the necessary repairs and improvements by your own means.

People of age 62 and above (the age varies from state to state and from community to community) can obtain subsidized loans and grants too for home improvements and repairs. Whether the applicant is eligible for a grant or for a loan will depend on the income and financial situation.

However, subsidized loans offered for home repairs and improvements feature a significantly low interest rate that can start at 1% and usually does not reach further than 5%. Thus, even people with the most complex budget situations can afford these loans as they also provide long repayment programs to keep the monthly payments as low as possible.

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We are planning on releasing a series on Home Improvement grants in the near future… if there is interest amongst our readers (that means YOU).  We plan on letting you know everything about the grants, how to qualify, where to look for the best ones, how to get the most money, etc.

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