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Decorating on a Budget-A Spattering of Ideas for the Family Room

Money is always a consideration when it comes to something as expensive (and rewarding) as decorating your home. This is especially true as it relates to the family room. Done right, it can become the most gorgeous room in your house. Sadly, doing it right costs big duckets so most of us normal folks need a way to get the effect without a big bill to pay at the end of the project. But the question remains: how to you get the most for your money, capturing the proper style on a limited “decorating dollar”?

Some good ole’ paint

Cheap and effective…. And so obvious that it is often overlooked. Do yourself a favor and leave the overlooking to those that don’t want to breathe new life into their living room. Something a simple as a new color scheme will do wonders. Don’t be afraid to push the boundaries; get creative and be daring when choosing color schemes. Make a statement!

I’ve even seen homes with colors that alternate from wall to wall. Think beige/maroon. Or burgundy/orange peel. You get the idea. This is your abode; feel free to make it a real head turner.

While you’re at it, pull out the caulking and fill in those pesky cracks and nail holes. A smooth wall, like a smooth complexion, goes a long way. Just don’t forget to sand it down before applying the base paint.

Another painting pointer that often goes overlooked; always, always, ALWAYS use masking when your painting. There is nothing worse than getting “hiccup marks” on the trim… or that shiny hardwood flooring.

Brighten up – Light Fixtures, Anybody?

Here’s a rule of thumb: unless we’re talking about a secret alcove or the basement NO room in your house should be dark. Putting in new light fixtures eliminate the shadows and the depressing feeling they bring in tow. Plus, you can get really creative when choosing a light fixture to add some character.

Try a mix of ambient lighting, task lighting and accent lighting. A smorgasbord of lighting styles goes a long way to giving new energy to the space. Start off choosing an ambient lighting fixture to “fill out” the room. Keep some congruence in your fixture choices; otherwise the room will subconsciously feel messy no matter how neat it is.

Bring in some life

I’m talking fruit bowls, fruit vases, small plants, etc. Not only do they keep the air clean, they add a feeling of vitality to the space. Plus the aroma is delectable. You can even pick your own flowers (if you’re outside the city) to keep your prices rock-bottom.

An added bonus is the fact that you can ALWAYS add some variety. New flowers, new vases, new fruits, new colors, new feeling as often as you want. Every day will feel new and energized; don’t be surprised if you want to spend more and more time in the family room!

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