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Kitchen remodeling ideas nobody knows about (but needs to)

kitchen remodeling ideas nobody knows about
Kitchen remodeling ideas

Kitchen remodel ideas are a prerequisite of any renovation you might have in mind.  I mean, everybody and their mother know what the traditional kitchen is all about: hardwood cabinetry, linoleum flooring, maybe some marble countertops for good measure.  Or the stainless steel kitchen – what I call the “robochop room” – decked from head to toe in the latest shiny appliances.

But neither one of them is very new, inspiring or exciting.

Why not push the boundaries a little bit?  Things like outdoor kitchens, new lighting techniques and other breaking trends can turn your kitchen from *yawn* to *OMG* in no time.  Here are a few emerging trends in kitchen design and remodeling to get you started:

Breaking the Cage (Extreme remodeling idea)

Having a small kitchen doesn’t have to be confining; on the contraire, with some creativity you can break the cage.  How? Push out the walls and expand outdoors!

You’re going to need to check your neighborhoods zoning to get in on this trend.  However, if you have the blessing of the town hall, there are few things that make a statement as loud as an outdoor kitchen set up.

Outdoor living rooms and patios are a common feature; outdoor kitchens are just starting to make their way onto the fashion radar.  Now, you’re obviously going to want to consider the climate in your area.  And you’re going to need appliances that can survive living outside.  You’re also going to need to work out the heating and electrical situation, being a bit more difficult too lassoes in an outdoor set up.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the setup doesn’t have to be open-air.  I’ve heard of homeowners making a glass enclosure that they wrap around the kitchen, or only having a section actually exposed to the elements. You may want to consider the same.  Price bracket for an outdoor kitchen redesign: $1,500 – $30,000 (dependant on extravagance).

Green Kitchens – Save the environment and cook with a conscious

A green kitchen is another great remodeling idea.  Simply put, a green kitchen uses the latest in technological advances to make the room as environmentally friendly as possible.  Everything from faucets to electric appliances can be made more efficient without breaking the bank.  This expands to the actual building materials themselves; many are made from recycled and repositioned materials.

Live in Kitchens – So American, but in a cool way

As far as kitchen remodeling ideas go, a “live in kitchen” is one of the most aggressive.  This is a new style of kitchen, driven by society’s constant march towards doing more with less… and doing everything at once.

A live in kitchen is simply a larger kitchen, furnished with the typical things you’d find in the living room (T.V., sofa, coffee table, computer section, etc.).  The goal is to make the kitchen a main pillar in daily life, instead of an isolated room used only 2 or 3 times a day.

Lighting Ideas – Because shadows suck

Lighting techniques is one of those things that are underrated, but have immense value.  The lighting in your kitchen tells a story.  Natural light says one thing, while track lighting says another.

Recessed ceiling lighting isn’t just limited to living areas any longer.  These days, they’re becoming more prevalent in the kitchen because of their natural warmth.  There’s also a swell of interest in under-cabinet lighting, which gives a unique and stunning touch to even the most boring kitchens.  When it comes to lighting, you’re going to want to bring in a professional.  Whenever you’re running new electric lines and dropping in fixtures, you don’t want your Uncle Moe messing around behind the walls.

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