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Leslie Segrete Speaks About Outdoor Decorating On The Cheap

Since most of North America still have a solid 2 months left of sunny weather, it makes sense to let our decorating prowess spill out from the living room into the outdoors.  To be specific, any outdoor area that falls on your property.  A major perk of outdoor decorating is that you’ll see a major difference without spending a ton… if you know what you’re doing.

And Leslie Segrete (of Trading Spaces fame) knows what she’s doing. In a recent article for The Stir website, she outlines a few tips for making your outdoor space something special.  Here’s the basic gist:

Specific areas – Patio, Deck, Backyard or Terrace

“…the easiest way to modernize your outdoor space is to update your furniture. It’s essential to look for items that can withstand the weather. Today’s marketplace features everything from rugs, lighting, fabrics, and decorative accessories all made to be used outdoors.”

About decorating on a budget

“Outdoor lighting is a wonderful way to brighten up your outdoor space so you can enjoy it day and night. Outdoor lighting doesn’t have to cost you a bundle…”

“A fire pit is a fun and comforting focal piece to add to your outdoor living space — and best of all it won’t break the bank. A fire pit can create a central point for a seating area perfect for after sunset conversation and the occasional ghost story.”

“a barefoot and weather-friendly outdoor rug can add a sophisticated yet comfortable look to make your deck or patio more unique. An outdoor rug can also help to create a seating or dining area in an open yard if you don’t have a deck or patio.”

“Something as simple as planting a garden or colorful flowering plants around your patio’s perimeter can create a dramatic effect and serve as a visual boundary from the rest of the yard, creating an intimate space that evokes an actual room.”

“treat yourself to comfortable seating with plush cushions. The best part is that it is actually affordable.”

Final Notes

Personally, I find the ideas about flowering and the fire pit to give you a lot of bang for your buck.  And, like Mz. Segrete says, they are just flat out great for social events.  More charm than a grill, and you never have to invest in propane.

That’s it for today.  This home decorating section is new for us here at Cheap Home Improvement, but expect to see more info on this topic in the future.

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