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Roach Killer #2 – Vegas Roach Trap

The Vegas Roach Trap found popularity (and its catchy name) after being showcased during a Las Vegas news broadcast.  This trap is commonly recommended via word-of-mouth due to its convenience, efficacy and inexpensiveness.

Plus, building one is incredibly simple.  Here’s what you do:

Step #1 – Get a mason jar.  Coat the inside walls of the jar with a thin layer of petroleum jelly.

Step #2 – Pour about 1” of beer into the jar.

Step #3 – Place the jar directly against a wall.

What happens is the fragrance of beer attracts the roach.  It climbs into the jar and is unable to climb back out. Subsequently, the cockroach drowns in the very beer that it sought.

It’s almost poetic, if a bit gruesome.

Now, you aren’t limited to using beer as bait. You can just as easily use chocolate or even coffee grounds.  However, if you do go this route, make sure to add about an inch of water to complete the trap.

Most folks have jars laying around, since certain foods are packaged in them.  However, if you don’t have any, you can pick up a couple of jars from Amazon for cheap.

Pros –

  • You can make it from things lying around the house.
  • No real risk to kids or pets.
  • Inexpensive.

Cons –

  • Takes a while to be effective.
  • Doesn’t kill the nest.
  • May need standalone jars for each infested area.
  • You have to dump the carcasses periodically.

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