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The Most Exciting Home Decorating Idea I’ve Read All Morning

So, I was reading an article by Mary Carol Garrity this morning and she really set my brain ablaze with some new decoration ideas I never considered before.

Get this:

A while back, she was involved with a luncheon organized by Colin Cowie, a designer and party planner.  The challenge was coming up with tasteful table centerpieces… for 60 tables.  The answer?  Garden statues.

What began as a quick-fix showed itself for what it is; a stroke of decorating genius.  I mean, think about it.  The right garden statue is caulk-full of mood.  They give a flair you don’t normally find indoors, so if you can intelligently weave them into your decoration scheme you’re onto something special.

But finding that proper mesh, of course, is the hard part.  Mary does give a few ideas in the article, such as:

  1. Use them as table centerpieces.
  2. Adorn them in fruits… wines… pumpkins… you name it.
  3. Thin, tall birdbaths are winners.
  4. Make sure the garden statue isn’t too heavy.  Buckling the table under the weight isn’t a good thing.
  5. Accents round out the decoration.  Think candlesticks or urns.
  6. Busts and full-figure statues can be fun and are easy to get a hold of.
  7. Figurines are versatile enough to sit on pretty much any flat surface.  Don’t limit yourself to the table; you can place them on the kitchen island, countertop, etc.
  8. Iron garden urns are great for holding fallen branches and flowers, or even to drape vines around your centerpiece.

Can you see the potential in this approach.  Don’t stop the brain juices at garden statues; there are other items you don”t normally find indoors that will add flair if used tastefully. For instance, using plastic-lined urns as ice holders or appetizer bowls (think chilled shrimp).  You can even brew up ways of using bird houses or landscape lighting indoors – my own mental gears are steady spinning.

But more than anything, the idea shows the most important part of home decoration: creativity.  Just like luxury isn’t gaudiness, you don’t need big bucks to give your home a true statement to make.  Don’t think outside of the box, realize that there is no box to being with!

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